Honoring our partners, like Nuage Networks, that bring innovation to customers.

We at Red Hat have deep and invaluable relationships with our partners. As Mark Enzweiler, Red Hat’s senior VP of global channel sales and alliances, said in a press release announcing the 2015 Red Hat North America Partner Awards, our partners help us deliver the innovative solutions our customers need. This year there are 18 honorees, all of them deserving of recognition and praise. The Red Hat telco/ICT team is thrilled that Nuage Networks was chosen as Industry Solution Partner of the Year.

This win honors a Red Hat partner who has significantly impacted the industry with Red Hat solutions, and Nuage Networks, a Nokia venture, exemplifies that. Readers of this blog may recall Nuage Networks’ Charles Ferland, VP of Business Development at Nuage Networks, who wrote a post with Radhesh Balakrishnan, Red Hat’s GM, Virtualization.

In the post, the two shared how telecommunications providers can look to the distributed nature of cloud-based service offerings to help them launch network services targeted for cloud applications, improve operational agility and responsiveness, and reduce complexity and costs. They talked about how the network should move toward virtualization, and how open, hybrid cloud with software defined networking (SDN) can help enable virtualization and automation so telcos can deliver cloud services faster while simplifying network management and reducing operating expenses.

Readers may also recall hearing from Senad Palislamovic, director of systems engineering with Nuage Networks, who wrote a post with Johnray Fuller, solutions architect with Red Hat. In this post, the two discussed how financial services companies can benefit from technologies like open, hybrid clouds with SDN that provide responsive and reliable infrastructures so they can succeed in today’s global, competitive, regulated and highly dynamic market.

You see, Nuage Networks has partnered with Red Hat to deliver a SDN-based cloud solution that uses an application-driven approach to automatically and dynamically deploy network services across the infrastructure. The solution is designed to provide companies with an agile, flexible, and automated infrastructure so they can launch network services for cloud applications faster, reduce operational costs, and take full advantage of cloud technologies. It is application-centric, with built-in programmable business logic and a powerful policy engine so IT administrators can define network requirements once in simplified application terms and comply with resource policies across the infrastructure on a per tenant and per-application basis. Ultimately, it is a platform for innovation. For that, our hats off to Nuage Networks!

Nuage Networks was not the only partner to be recognized, of course. You can see all of the winners, which were recognized at Red Hat’s North America Partner Conference in New Orleans earlier this month, in this release.

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