Improving care with open source middleware.

Healthcare institutions have to adjust more quickly than ever to adapt to an industry in transformation. New technologies, stricter regulations and a laser focus on improving care are all top of mind, and all of these call for reliable, stable and high-performing IT systems. When it came time to replace its aging integration hub, King’s College Hospital (KCH) NHS Foundation Trust chose an open source platform.

The U.K. hospital has been using the same integration solution to handle messaging between more than  50 clinical systems and to underpin electronic patient records. When the time came to replace it, the IT team looked for an integration hub that could handle large volumes of messages between enterprise systems, transfer and transform them at high speeds, and ensure that the integrity of messages were preserved in transit. As Patrick Johnson, change leader in the strategy department at KCH, said in this case study, “In a critical healthcare environment, where messaging concerns the diagnosis and treatment of patients, reliability, speed, and integrity are non-negotiable requirements.”

The team decided on an open source solution, Red Hat Fuse. As a result, the hospital now has a faster, more reliable integration hub capable of seamlessly integrating different hospital enterprise systems. “The efficient working of any large hospital is highly dependent on different systems being able to ‘talk’ to each other,” said  Johnson. “From the moment a patient enters the hospital’s care, and throughout their treatment, data about them is being entered by both administrative and clinical staff into a wide range of multidisciplinary systems, so a fast and reliable integration hub is essential to consistency and continuity of care for patients.”

In this case study, learn more about the hospital’s decision to implement open source and how it worked through the transition, developed in-house programming skills, integrated its systems with the new platform, and tested the hub to ensure that all messages running to and from that system met required levels of speed, reliability, and data integrity.

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