Industry Buzz: Google joins OpenStack

Earlier this month, Google announced it had joined the OpenStack Foundation, an industry effort focused on promoting and supporting the OpenStack ecosystem and the community developing it. The industry welcomed the news, and there was plenty to say about it. Here’s a sampling of what analysts, press and others are saying about Google joining the OpenStack Foundation.

First, Google. In this blog post, Google product manager Craig McLuckie said Google is excited to “add our expertise in container-oriented computing to one of the most widely-adopted private cloud stacks, while improving interoperability between private and public clouds.” He went on to say that Google hopes to “add container-native patterns to the toolbelt of enterprise developers, and improve interoperability between public and private clouds,” and that Google plans to work with the OpenStack community to integrate Kubernetes, its container cluster manager, as well as complementary container technologies, “to create a stronger hybrid cloud.”

OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier, in this blog post, praised Google decision, adding that “few companies understand cloud-native apps at scale like Google, so I expect big things as Google developers contribute to OpenStack projects like Magnum.” Magnum, by the way, is an Openstack API service developed by the OpenStack Containers Team that makes container orchestration engines such as Kubernetes available as first class resources in OpenStack.

Here’s a great Fortune article by Barb Darrow, who writes that Google’s move is important because “it signals that OpenStack, which many see as a good way to run and manage more traditional virtualized computing tasks, can also manage non-virtualized applications deployed on bare metal servers and new fangled containers as well.” Darrow ends her article with this: “With Google now throwing in with the foundation, the two most obvious holdouts—and the only major tech providers not participating—are Microsoft and Amazon.”

Finally, InfoWorld contributor David Linthicum wrote about it in this news story, saying that Google’s decision is a big win for OpenStack.

What do you all think about Google joining OpenStack? Let us know in the comments section below!

  1. I think this is fantastic news for OpenStack and the OpenStack community. Can’t wait to watch what Google does with integration, Kubernetes and OpenStack and hybrid cloud.


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