It’s raining open source innovation.

Perhaps you all know that song from the seventies written by popular British composer and artist Albert Hammond: It Never Rains in Southern California. Those of us lucky enough to live in California enjoy some of the best weather on the planet with a recurring exception – we have been in a drought for the last few years with or without El Nino. But when we occasionally do get some rain… oh, but it pours!

Just last month I experienced quite a different flood – that of the exciting world of open source innovations and technologies – as I embarked upon my role as a Chief Architect with Red Hat. Prior to joining, I had the occasional light drizzle of information regarding open source software and how communications service providers are using them to deliver their cloud based network services and applications. Many discussions were focused on operating systems and private cloud applications, primarily in research or non-production enterprise environments.

But in just one month, the floodgates have opened up to reveal a vast amount of activity surrounding the deployments of open source technologies. And not just for the innovative enterprises like Cox Automotive who have made the digital transformation to an on-line automobile marketplace with open source across its hybrid cloud environment. Cloud network providers like Microsoft, AT&T, and Verizon have embraced and increased their reliance on open source to accelerate their businesses. Meanwhile, Telstra and Vodafone Australia, while preparing for 5G, are optimizing their deployments of mobile infrastructure to keep up with exploding user demands especially during peak events like New Year’s Eve.

Lots of excitement and energy continue to surround hybrid cloud-based services delivery and it is getting even better as customers have more choices of how they consume “as-a-service” offerings with just a few clicks of a mouse. So, grab your favorite rain gear, and be prepared for the wild and fun ride ahead of us.

Let me know about all the innovation open source is inspiring at your organization in the comments section below. Stay tuned to the Red Hat Vertical Industries blog as I share my experiences with you here, and follow me on Twitter @IHood_Ian.

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