Join Us: IT automation for financial services organizations

IT innovation within your business is vital to staying competitive and meeting customer expectations, regardless of your specific industry. For financial services organizations, long software release cycles, the high cost of managing complex infrastructures, and the lack of easy scalability with existing solutions can hamper a development team’s productivity. IT process automation is critical to making IT faster, more predictable, more collaborative, and more efficient, while freeing administrators to focus on efforts with the greatest organizational value. Check out our on-demand webinar series to learn more, and help jumpstart IT process automation for your financial services organization.

The first webinar in this series, IT process automation: A foundation for innovation in financial services, is presented by Richard Henshall, Red Hat automation lead for EMEA. This webinar explores why IT process automation is worth considering, what to automate, and how to overcome the three main challenges most financial services organizations encounter:

  • People – where skills gaps and org charts get in the way
  • Point tools – proliferation of point solutions and vendor-specific tools
  • Pace of innovation – automation requires integration across domains

Now that you’ve determined IT process automation is a must, how can a financial institution with a proliferation of existing applications and a complicated infrastructure get started? Many financial institutions have made investments in automating customer-facing, front-end operations with digital solutions, yet too often back office workloads still rely on having thousands of people process requests. A strategic approach to workflow automation and actionable guidance to make operations more repeatable, predictable, and automated is key to success.

Phil Cornelius, senior solution architect at Red Hat, joins Richard Henshall to present the second webinar in this series, Drive growth in financial services with a holistic automation framework and strategy. This presentation outlines this strategic approach and digs deeper into how you can utilize Red Hat Ansible Automation to automate your IT infrastructure. The presentation covers:

  • How to define a holistic framework and strategy for successful automation
  • Ways to prioritize and modernize designated workflows as you move to new platforms or implement new processes and ways of working
  • Why a DevOps mindset and approach to the network can amplify speed of innovation.

As the presenters share in the webinar, IT automation can help financial services organizations maximize existing technology capabilities, gain business and IT speed and agility, control costs, and increase collaboration. Register today for these on-demand webinars to learn more about automating your IT environment.

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