MUFG Union Bank takes to the cloud to improve application deployment.

For financial services companies, simplifying and automating IT processing is key to reducing costs and error rates, and improving the customer experience. Complex layers of legacy technology were hindering MUFG Union Bank’s operations. When this delayed deployment of a key e-commerce application, the IT team was tasked with quickly developing a solution. You can read the full story in our MUFG Union Bank case study.

FSI banking

MUFG Union Bank’s solution needed to simplify and streamline the application environment, decrease operational complexity and automate application provisioning and deployment, all within 45 days. The IT team realized they needed a private cloud solution that could support Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. And with only 45 days to deliver, the company couldn’t build its own private cloud.

When the IT team saw the orchestration and automation features of Red Hat CloudForms and the support available from Red Hat Consulting, they saw a clear path to the future. The team met their 45-day deadline, and once installed the solution transformed the IT infrastructure and improved delivery time from months to hours. Read more about how MUFG Union Bank’s story.


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