MWC 2016: Red Hat, QCT demo containerized Ceph storage

Adoption of container-based application deployment models like Docker is expected to grow. It stands to reason then, that interest in ways to combine compute and storage will grow as well. To that end, Red Hat is demonstrating this week at Mobile World Congress 2016 the combination of Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) servers and Red Hat Ceph Storage containerization technology.

Combining QCT servers—which include high-end business critical servers for applications such as HPC, virtualization, big data analytics, distributed computing, and various cloud services—with Red Hat Ceph Storage– software-defined storage that offers both object and block storage to enterprises deploying public or private clouds—provides flexibility and scalability for software-defined storage solutions in private and public clouds and can accelerate the shift away from proprietary, external SAN/NAS storage.

As you all are well aware, containers essentially virtualize the operating system, allowing multiple workloads to run on a single host. Also, containers can be easily moved across different servers without the need for the usual reconfiguration. By the way, because containers are generally expected to be transient in nature, so is the storage assigned to them.

Oh and by the way, for a really informative presentation on Ceph and containerization, listen in to this presentation by Sage Weil, Ceph principal architect at Red Hat. The presentation was given at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, May 2015.

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