The end of Windows 2003 gives telcos new opportunities for Linux.

With Windows 2003 end of life just around the corner, telecommunications companies that are still using that server platform should move quickly to make their migration plans. That’s because there can be significant financial, security and compliance risks if an organization is using a server platform that is past its end of life date.

“Failure to have a current, supported operating system raises significant concerns about an organization’s ability to meet regulatory compliance requirements, as well as the needs of business units, partners, and customers,” noted IT research firm IDC in its February 2015 report, “Windows Server 2003 end of life: An opportunity to evaluate IT strategy.”

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Financial services execs and Red Hat talk cloud at The Trading Show in Chicago.

This week, IT and business executives from investment and trading firms are gathering in Chicago for The Trading Show Chicago 2015. There are plenty of presentations, roundtables, panels, and networking during the two-day conference, and attendees are hearing all about how to innovate using big data, exchange technology, cloud computing, and more.

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Determining the right foundation for a successful OpenStack cloud

More and more companies are choosing OpenStack as their cloud computing infrastructure, and for many, that’s because they want a cloud platform that is flexible, avoids a vendor lock-in, cuts costs and also is a strategic asset to the business operations. But what are the key IT elements a company needs to consider when architecting and implementing an OpenStack Cloud?

There’s plenty to consider. Organizations need to consider how they’ll use the cloud, which business processes will leverage the cloud, and what their long-term goals are for the cloud. But a good starting point is the foundation. What will the network topology be? Should it be built using OpenStack’s Nova or Neutron? Something else? And what storage should be used?

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Creating innovation in life sciences with an open source, software-defined data center

The life sciences industry is an industry in transformation. Big data, mobility, advanced analytics, and more—with cloud computing amidst it all—are providing new opportunities for companies to innovate, accelerate research and development, and even cut costs. They’ll have to proceed, of course, with caution, considering the highly-regulated environment in which life sciences companies operate. So what’s the best course, and what should the life sciences data center of the future look like?

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Financial services firms should consider BPM as a service on top of cloud-enabled infrastructures.

Most financial services firms developing their cloud computing strategies and implementations are currently focused on infrastructure, and for now that’s to be expected. But what comes next? Once you’ve built your foundation (and a wise choice would be to build it on OpenStack), it’s going to be time to start thinking about capacity-, storage- and network-on-demand services; application development; and applications capable of increasing agility and business responsiveness. These next steps are essential to the reason your organization decided to build a cloud in the first place. It’s also where technologies like Business Process Management (BPM) come into play.

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Welcome to the Red Hat Vertical Industries Blog!

In this new blog from Red Hat, we will be covering relevant topics, news, industry events, webinars and articles of interest spanning three of our most important commercial segment verticals: financial services, telecommunications and healthcare. We’ll report on the pressing challenges these industries face and provide insights on how they can mitigate those challenges. Our cast of Red Hat executives and bloggers will post regularly, informing you about Red Hat’s participation in upcoming events, posting related documents, and referencing research including videos, customer stories and articles of interest.

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