2018 Red Hat Innovation Award Nominations Now Open

One of the most exciting things we do each year at Red Hat is to recognize the transformative projects and outstanding results achieved by our customers from around the world, through the Red Hat Innovation Awards. Past winners have come from a variety of industries including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and government, along with companies in the IT and consulting space. Do you have an innovation success story to share, or is there an organization you’d like to nominate?

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Four unique security features of Red Hat OpenShift for the financial services industry

The unique design of Red Hat’s Linux-based Container technology, OpenShift, addresses many of the security concerns that have previously troubled financial services companies, enabling them to more fully explore the functionality of the technology. Containers allow users to easily package an application into a single ‘image’ that can be promoted from development to production without change. By providing consistency across environments and multiple deployment targets (such as physical servers, virtual machines and private or public clouds) teams can more easily develop and manage applications that deliver business value.

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Best practices for NFV deployment success

Virtualizing service provider workloads calls for a thorough and thoughtful plan that taps into the full ecosystem, from infrastructure orchestration to the application itself. At OpenStack Summit this past May, Julio Villarreal-Pelegrino, principal architect with Red Hat’s cloud practice, and Stephane Lefrere, head of the cloud infrastructure practice at Red Hat, shared an approach for creating a successful NFV architecture, with a focus on the platform features and tools that support service assurance, performance, manageability and operability.

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Red Hat Takes the stage at this week at AnsibleFest.

AnsibleFest kicks off this week in San Francisco, and the day-long conference will bring together hundreds of Ansible users, developers and industry partners. We at Red Hat will be there in force, taking the opportunity to talk about how Ansible – a simple, agentless IT automation technology – can help organizations navigate their increasingly complex environments of sprawling systems that create management, availability, and cost challenges.

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Join Us: Key considerations for an effective cloud strategy

It’s no secret that more and more companies are turning to cloud solutions to ignite innovation and reduce costs, and that growth is impacting vertical industries as well. Telco companies are tapping into cloud to enable faster development and delivery of new products, the energy, oil and gas market is looking to cloud-based high performance computing (HPC) to run a variety of data and compute-heavy applications, mobile payment processors in the financial services arena are working in the cloud, and researchers in the healthcare field are using cloud for big data analysis. If you’re one of many considering the move to cloud, join us for a webinar on September 5 as we review key considerations for implementing a cloud approach within your business.

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Containers – and what’s the big deal for financial services…

By leveraging containers, financial services institutions (FSI) can create a flexible compute platform, spanning the hybrid cloud to offer easier application portability that supports rapid application development and are capable of delivering new business technology at the cadence demanded by today’s CEO. Delivering a platform that enables an idea in the morning to be delivered into production by the end of the day will be critical to remaining competitive in the face of stiff competition from new financial technology companies.

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To Robo or not To Robo — that is the question

While taking a break, I took the opportunity to revisit my financial portfolio and considered picking up the phone and setting up an appointment with my financial analyst. But, wait a minute; I had received a communication recently from this institution about the availability of a machine-like interface where I can interact with a faceless agent who can provide me guidance on making financial decisions. Really? Who is behind this interface? Who is really thinking on my behalf? How capable is this person? Can I trust this “thing”? These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I pondered over my next step. Welcome to the world of Robo Advisors, the world of logic and algorithms and mathematical calculations that can have a direct impact on your own finances. Intrigued? Well, I am not surprised. I reached out to my colleague, Anthony Golia, the Chief Architect for Financial Services at Red Hat to have a conversation around this technology as well as the pertinent human and emotional perspectives that it could entail. Join me as I take you through this new world of financial advisors.

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Singapore ISP MyRepublic modernizes IT architecture with open source cloud.

When MyRepublic decided to overhaul its legacy IT architecture, it went all out for open source. The internet service provider (ISP), based in Singapore, chose Red Hat OpenStack Platform for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), along with several other Red Hat solutions.  Now, the ISP’s IT architecture is more flexible and scalable. Thanks to the simpler, automated deployment, it also can deliver new services more quickly and generate more business. And it reduced hardware costs by 30% and cut year-on-year TCO by double-digit percentages. You can read more about MyRepublic’s use of Red Hat solutions in its new cloud-based platform in this case study, and hear about the implementation in this video.

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Telcos + OpenStack = Innovation

Why do telcos and OpenStack go so well together? What opportunities can telcos realize through an OpenStack implementation? And how does NFV, cloud and 5G fit into the telco business model? Red Hat’s vice president of telecommunications, Darrell Jordan-Smith, joined Stu Miniman, senior analyst at Wikibon and John Troyer, ‎chief reckoner at TechReckoning, in “The Cube” at OpenStack Summit this past May to talk telco and OpenStack.

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Join Us: How to modernize legacy applications today and build cloud-native applications for tomorrow

To meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition, organizations must become adept at quickly delivering applications that meet customer needs while increasing efficiency and saving money. This three-part, on-demand webinar series shows you how to do just that, by modernizing the legacy applications you have today and building cloud-native applications for tomorrow using microservices, DevOps, and containers.

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