Virtual Central Office: a demonstration of pure community effort

In mid-June, I had the great pleasure to share the stage during the keynote at OPNFV Summit held in Beijing with OPNFV director Heather Kirksey, Lingli Deng, a project manager with China Mobile, NEC engineer Carlos Gonçalves, and Azhar Sayeed, chief architect for the service provider/telco group at Red Hat. On this event, we showcased how the Virtual Central Office (VCO) project could deliver residential and business services.


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Ten commandments for retail business and technology

Guess I was serious when I had shared that I may begin to like shopping after all. I found myself at the Manhattan Momentum conference, where the tag line was Active Solutions for the Active Enterprise. Active it was for sure, with the continuous dissemination and exchange of information across leading players in the retail industry for warehouse management, order management, transportation etc. I had the chance to interact with manufacturers, distributors, device makers, software developers, hardware vendors covering the spectrum of technologies that make the retail experience more and more innovative. However, what stood out for me was the remarkable alignment between the strategic observations made by Manhattan Associates president and CEO Eddie Capel, and the forward-thinking architectural tenets shared by Sanjeev Siotia, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Manhattan.  This is a lot more than just business and IT alignment. Both the retail industry as well as information technology are experiencing disruptions that draw out a parallel. Let me walk through the ‘Ten Commandments of the Retail Business and Technology.’

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Digital transformation: On your mark, get set, go! says retail.

Industries around the world are approaching digital transformation—the impact of using digital technologies across the board—in different ways. Some industries tend to view this as a transformation of the customer experience while others are more about the transformation of the enabling technologies. However, the retail industry is rather unique in that it is poised for a transformation of sorts both from the business and the IT sides of the house, almost as if there is a race to get there first! Even though, digital transformation is a journey rather than a destination. These are the thoughts that are slowly beginning to take shape in my mind as I gear up to facilitate the Executive Exchange Thought leadership session on the Race to Retail Digital Transformation — Business or IT? as part of the CDM Media CIO Retail Summit in New York.

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Straight outta Red Hat Summit: 3 tips to transform health IT with open source

Open source is fueling innovation across all aspects of healthcare today. As we shift toward value-based care, healthcare organizations (HCOs) are finding innovative ways to leverage new and emerging technologies to employ DevOps principles, expedite time-to-market for new applications and transform high-performance computing in their research environments.

There was no better arena to showcase these medical advancements than Red Hat Summit. From start-ups to a Fortune 500 companies, hospital systems to government agencies, HCOs took center stage and shared the spotlight with Red Hat executives in a testament to how both open source and Red Hat are transforming health and patient care. Here are three tips for HCOs looking to jump start their digital transformation.

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The future of blockchain — leveraging the possibilities of Blockchain-as-a Service

In my last blog, we reiterated the definition of blockchain — “a distributed, decentralized transaction ledger saved by each node in the network, a peer-to-peer system with no central authority or database which manages the transaction flow” , and discussed the many ways that financial institutions can plan for and capitalize on blockchain, looking specifically at use cases in insurance, remittance, asset management, trade finance, and know your customer (KYC).

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Red Hat takes the stage at the OPNFV Summit in China.

In mid-June, we’ll be joining thousands in China for The Linux Foundation’s OPNFV Summit to talk all things Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), in particular to accelerate the evolution of open source NFV and an integrated, open reference platform built by industry leaders and innovators. We at Red Hat believe that using this open reference platform will accelerate the NFV evolution. We hope you can join us at the JW Marriott in Beijing, China June 12-15.

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Tune In: Securing the contents of your containers

More often, companies are looking closely at, and adopting, containers in their IT operations. After all, containers have broad appeal. But they also change how companies develop, deploy and manage applications, and security is particularly important. Join this webinar, now available on demand, to learn all about best practices for container security, and to get a closer look at the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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The Red Hat telco ecosystem delivers on NFV and OpenStack.

Plenty of telcos have either already committed to, or are actively investigating, network functions virtualization (NFV) running on OpenStack platform to help them increase network agility and mitigate costs. We at Red Hat firmly believe NFV + OpenStack is the infrastructure of modern telecommunications.

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Financial Services Leaders — Phenomenal Stories from Red Hat Summit 2017

As a new Red Hatter, focused on the financial services industry and attending my first Red Hat Summit, I was truly blown away by the stories our financial services customers shared on the main stage, during many breakouts and panel discussions, and as a part of our Financial Services Industry session.  Hosting Summit in my hometown, Boston made it even more special. I had the opportunity to share the beauty of a crisp early morning run along the Seaport district with dozens of Red Hat Summit attendees, as well as the ultimate baseball experience that only comes from a night at Fenway Park — especially when the Red Sox win! All the while, talking with people who are passionate about the open source community and empowering the individual — what a great experience!

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ACG Research recognizes Red Hat for innovation in cloud and NFV.

We at Red Hat love to talk about how open source technologies and Red Hat solutions help companies around the world innovate and excel. Every now and then, though, it’s nice to talk about – and be recognized for – our own innovation. Just recently Red Hat was awarded a 2016 Omega Award for Sustained Innovation from ACG Research, an analyst and consulting firm that focuses on the service providers’ networking and the telecom industry.

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