Rackspace with Red Hat OpenStack Platform: Better Together

The following post is reprinted with permission from Rackspace, a Red Hat partner. Red Hat and Rackspace are hosting an event during OpenStack East, Aug. 23-24 at the PlayStation Theater in New York City.

Rackspace with Red Hat OpenStack Platform: Better Together

By Daniel Sheppard –  July 20, 2016

FSI RAS RH image 1

With 81 percent of senior IT professionals leveraging or planning to leverage OpenStack as their private cloud technology, OpenStack has clearly become the leading private cloud choice.

But in doing so, many have found operating a private cloud is more complicated than consuming the public cloud and requires more oversight of the datacenter/network/hardware than expected. This complexity, along with the lack of OpenStack talent available in today’s market, has created a challenge for organizations as they look to adopt OpenStack as a private cloud.

By offering OpenStack private cloud as a service, Rackspace’s Managed OpenStack Private Cloud team solved this problem for the enterprises, providing customers a scalable, production ready private cloud in any data center.

Continuing to bring our operational expertise to best of breed cloud technologies, we launched Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by Red Hat, the first and only Red Hat certified Managed Private Cloud in February, combining the support-focused practices of Rackspace and Red Hat together into a managed OpenStack private cloud solution.

FSI RAS RH image 2 

Red Hat certified managed private cloud customers get the peace of mind that comes with Red Hat’s certification network, which includes thousands of vendors who work directly with Red Hat to validate that their software and hardware work as expected and correct any bugs that may arise. This collaboration offers the comfort of knowing that the reference architecture was co-developed (and is supported) by Red Hat and Rackspace, and it integrates with the certification network.

Since the launch, Rackspace has been working closely with Red Hat to refine and improve our Red Hat OpenStack Platform as a service offer to make it the standard for enterprise grade, production ready OpenStack deployments.

As active OpenStack contributors, Rackspace and Red Hat have written a combined 30 percent of the code in the software and we continue to work together to improve OpenStack for use cases enterprises demand. Part of this work has included working to test OpenStack projects such as Triple O, Ceilometer, and Ironic at the OpenStack Innovation Center, to bring our results back to the community. Currently, the team is working through scaled deployment of Ceph (30 nodes), as well as documenting impacts to database sizing as polling sizes are adjusted for Ceilometer.

FSI RAS RH image 3 

Calculated by Stackalytics

Our combined OpenStack expertise, Rackspace’s Fanatical Support and Red Hat’s Linux expertise give customers a support experience second to none.

Rackspace proactively monitors your cloud and takes proactive steps to keep it running, and serves as a single point of contact for any issues with your cloud, whether they’re OpenStack, driver or kernel level. Rackspace takes ownership of the issue and works directly with Red Hat engineering to solve a customer’s problem.

This deep partnership starts with support and continues through the entire product. From joint road mapping at the feature level to deployment engagements, Rackspace and Red Hat work together to ensure the technology is delivering the best outcomes for customers. This level of expertise with OpenStack offers customers piece of mind in when adopting this private cloud platform that they’ll never have to go it alone.

Consuming OpenStack as a service also offers customers economies of scale, as Rackspace is able to build and deploy a production ready cloud for customers in as little as 45 days from agreed upon requirements — giving customers valuable speed to market in today’s fast-paced world.

And as an operations partner, we don’t stop there. While customers focus on maximizing their new cloud, Rackspace and Red Hat continue to work in front of the customer to identify technological improvements and ways to improve the cloud experience while continuing to operate as a scalable, upgradable, production ready cloud.

These improvements include adding support for the newest projects in OpenStack, performance tuning changes and integration with additional third party tools such as Appformix and PLUMgrid.

In coming months, we’ll be detailing how Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by Red Hat simplifies cloud operations for our joint customers and and helps them with standing up a production grade OpenStack cloud. Meanwhile, we invite you to learn more about this solution.

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