Read It: Beyond EHR – how IT infrastructure modernization is transforming healthcare

In an era of electronic healthcare records (EHR), new IT capabilities and next-generation communications are driving innovation within the healthcare industry like never before. Gartner’s 2016 healthcare predictions, as summarized in a paper published in April of this year, illustrate the substantial role IT has in driving innovation in healthcare, as IT shifts from being a supporter to a driver of modernization and innovation. But how should the industry plan for this?

The paper, published by Gartner, Red Hat and Intel highlights five strategic planning assumptions which demonstrate that new IT opportunities and change exist beyond electronic healthcare records. Backed by Gartner research, the paper offers recommendations for how to plan for the future with these assumptions in mind.

The research-based assumptions explored in the paper include:

  • Experiential way-finding as a way to enhance the patient experience and deliver competitive differentiation
  • Consolidation and closure of population health IT vendors and products due to market shifts
  • Growth of the chief data officer role to govern strategic information and manage data
  • Replacing nurse call systems with real-time communications and collaboration solutions
  • The growth of patient monitoring through wearable devices plus IoT platforms

The paper goes on to explore the value of converged data and a balanced architecture as well as how to improve health delivery at the organizational level.

Which of Gartner’s research assumptions is most pressing for your organization? We invite you to share your thoughts in the comment field below.


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