Red Hat at Open Networking Summit NA 2018

Earlier this year, the Linux Foundation announced that certain open source projects – notably OPNFV, ODL, ONAP and FD.IO – merged with the Linux Foundation Networking Fund (aka LFN). Because of this, events associated with these projects have been rolled up into the Open Networking Summit (ONS) which is run twice a year. The NA summit was held in Los Angeles the last week of March, 2018, and the EU summit will be held in Amsterdam the last week of September, 2018.

This first event of the year was at the Intercontinental hotel in Los Angeles and, while a smaller more tightly focused event, it was nevertheless lively with a broad cross section of attendees from the C-suite all the way to graduate students. Red Hat’s open telco framework resonated well. Discussions with attendees, partners, customers and prospective customers were all amazing and, at times, very deep into the technologies and strategy for change.

This fall, look for Red Hat at ONS EU in Amsterdam. We hope to have a greater presence at this event and to accommodate an enhanced demo roster. Stay tuned here and to @RedHatTelco on Twitter to hear how Red Hat plans to make a splash in the networking world!

Red Hat @ ONS NA 2018

Photos courtesy of LFN via Flickr (

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