Red Hat, others put the spotlight on healthcare IT during the RNC at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland.

Not long ago, during the Republican Nation Convention in Cleveland, Red Hat and a number of tech companies showcased an industry initiative, the Global Center for Health Innovation at the HIMSS Innovation Center. The companies, and the center, used the opportunity to raise the profile of healthcare information technology (HIT) among attendees of the convention.

According to this article, published late July on the site of Health Data Management, a publication focused on healthcare technology trends, tools and strategies, state delegates, national political leaders and the media were invited to attend a session at the center entitled, “Game Changing Innovation: Health IT as a Catalyst for Healthcare Transformation.” The session on July 18 was designed to explain how big data can help facilitate analytics and population health, the article states.

Created by the HIMSS industry trade group, the HIMSS Innovation is aimed at educating people about HIMSS and its HIT initiatives in analytics, cybersecurity and interoperability. Red Hat is one of the center’s 18 industry companies that are collaborating on the project, which include Cardinal Health, CDW, Dell and others. The center’s testing, exhibition and conference facility is used to demonstrate in real-time how healthcare technologies can contribute to safer, higher quality and more cost-effective care, and to showcase vendors that have products and services in HIT. At the 40,000-square-foot center, vendors can validate, with other industry players, how their health IT solutions integrate and operate with emerging technology. Visitors can engage in interactive demonstrations to learn more about innovation, current health IT initiatives and the importance of health IT.

Not too long ago, Red Hat’s E.G. Nadhan, Chief Technology Strategist (Central Region), visited the Global Center for Health Innovation. He shared his visit in this post, detailing the center’s qualities of being open, promoting interoperability and spurring innovation.

Have you visited the Global Center for Health Innovation? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments section. If not, and you happen to be in (or even near) Cleveland, go visit. And make sure to check out what Red Hat’s doing there.

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