Red Hat takes the stage at OPNFV Summit 2016.

The four-day OPNFV Summit 2016, held June 20-23 in Berlin, Germany, was packed full of information, insights, demonstrations and more. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, the conference is designed to foster collaboration, innovation and exploration of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) by bringing together developers, end users, and upstream communities working to advance open source NFV. Red Hat was a platinum sponsor this year, and a number of our executives, engineers and developers participated. Presentations are now posted, and you can watch videos of full presentations at the links we’ve included below. 

Red Hat VP and chief technologist Chris Wright took the keynote stage on Wednesday, June 22 from 9:40 – 10 a.m., and you can now watch Chris’ full keynote presentation online. Chris discussed how ManageIQ—an open source project designed to facilitate and automate comprehensive lifecycle management across virtual infrastructures—makes sense for NFV. The discussion describes how ManageIQ, a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for modern cloud-native applications, can also be used to create an open source carrier-class CMP, including an NFV Orchestrator (NFVO), to support network services. This will enable telcos to manage both cloud-native applications as well as networking services, from the same management platform. During his keynote, Chris extended an invitation for other vendors and telcos to join the ManageIQ community, which already includes partners such as BBVA, Booz Allen Hamilton, CloudSoft, Cox Automotive, Nuage Networks, and more. A live demo was also available at the Red Hat booth – B09.

Red Hat also participated in a number of presentations and panels at the OPNFV Summit.

Monday, June 20

Upstream Community Lightening Round/Panel

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. in the Potsdam III room (Full panel presentation video is available here.)

Daniel Ferrell, Red Hat

Armando Migliaccio, OpenStack Neutron PTL, HPE

Wei Su, Huawei

Ed Warnicke, Cisco Systems

Tuesday, June 21

CI/CD & DevOps Panel

1:30 – 12:00 p.m. in the Potsdam III room (Full panel presentation video is available here.)

Fatih Degirmenci, Principal Software Developer, Ericsson, Sweden

Daniel Ferrell, Red Hat

Deng Hui, Principal Staff, CMRI, China Mobile

Ulrich Kleber, Chief Architect Cloud Platform, Huawei

Randy Levensalor, Lead Architect, CableLabs, Louisville, Colorado

Morgan M. Richomme, NFV architect, Orange, Lannion, France

Bryan Sullivan, Director of Open Source Strategy, AT&T

APEX: Colorado Status & Integration Guide for Developers

From 2:30 – 3 p.m. in the Potsdam III room, Red Hat’s Dan Radez and Tim Rozet conducted a developers’ session on APEX. The full session video is available here.

Wednesday, June 22

Ci Driven NFVi Security Scanning Demo & Opnfv Security Group Update

Red Hat principal software engineer Luke Hinds presented with Enea Software’s Sona Sarmadi. The session included a demonstration of automated NFVi security scanning, a feature developed by the security group into the OPNFV functional testing CI build process. Hinds and Sarmadi also detailed updates on the OPNFV efforts to meet the Linux Foundation Security Badge Program and more. The presentation was held from 11:20 – 11:50 a.m. in the Tiergarten room. The full presentation video is available here.

CI/CD Upstream with Open Daylight

Red Hat’s Daniel Ferrell joined Tim Irnich and Prem Sankar Gopannan, both with Ericsson, for this presentation, held from 12 – 12:30 p.m. in the Bellevue room. There was a discussion about how OPNFV can help improve the code quality of its upstream communities through end-to-end testing of individual components in an integrated system-level context. The presenters spoke about efforts in SDN VPN project and how code quality was significantly improved, resulting in several critical bug fixes that are now included in the first Beryllium stable release. The full presentation video is available here.

Two Years In: How Are We Doing?

Red Hat’s Dave Neary, who works on SDN/NFV Community Strategy, talked about how, as a mid-stream project, the OPNFV project’s success to a large extent depends on its ability to have an impact in upstream projects like OpenStack, OpenDaylight, ONOS, Open vSwitch, DPDK, and others. In the session, Neary presented metrics on NFV-related activity over the past few months, and broke it down by a number of criteria: How successful are we at having our blueprints and feature requests accepted? How long does it take NFV-related patches to be reviewed and merged? How have we done at coordinating patches across multiple projects? The session was held from 2:20 – 2:50 p.m. in the Potsdam I/II room.  The full presentation video is available here.

Thursday, June 23

Deploying Virtualized Mobile Infrastructures on OpenStack

Ajay Simha, Red Hat’s NFV architect and senior principal engineer, joined Cisco’s Prakash Suthar, to talk about how service providers are evolving and competing with over-the-top (OTT) providers such as Google and Amazon. They discussed how more traditional service provider’s networks have to be more agile, resilient and automated, and how they are leaning towards using COTS infrastructure, open networking (OPNFV, ONOS) and VNF to run routers, switches, mobile gateways, firewall, NAT, and DPI functions. The session covered design and deployment of virtualizing the mobile infrastructure, as well as performance fine tuning. The session also included a case study using Cisco (VNF Manager and NFVO), Red Hat (NFVI), OpenStack and block storage using CEPH technology. It was scheduled for 2:40 – 3:10 p.m. in the Tiergarten room. The full presentation video is available here.

Red Hat’s Sridhar Gaddam was joined by Bin Hu from AT&T and Howard Huang with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. to dig into IPv6 in their presentation on Road to Multisite IPv6 – Scenarios, Challenges and Perspectives, which you can also now watch in its entirety online.

We’ve been going to the OPNFV Summit since it first started and it’s always chock-full of information for any organization that’s interested in NFV. In addition to the many topics ranging from containers to DevOps, the summit also provides a forum for the community to explore OPNFV’s second platform release, Brahmaputra, and in-depth discussion to help refine the code as the project prepares for the third release, Colorado. We hope you had the opportunity to attend the OPNFV Summit, and if not we invite you to watch the presentations online, including Chris Wright’s keynote, and don’t forget to join our upstream community to create a carrier-class CMP.

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