Red Hat Takes the stage at this week at AnsibleFest.

AnsibleFest kicks off this week in San Francisco, and the day-long conference will bring together hundreds of Ansible users, developers and industry partners. We at Red Hat will be there in force, taking the opportunity to talk about how Ansible – a simple, agentless IT automation technology – can help organizations navigate their increasingly complex environments of sprawling systems that create management, availability, and cost challenges.

Cloud computing, containers and microservices are among the many next-generation technologies creating new opportunities for more dynamic IT operations, but they are also creating complex multi-tier workflows, high-velocity application development and deployment, and management challenges. Ansible is designed to help organizations improve current processes and migrate applications for optimization. It can also provide a single language for DevOps practices, unifying OS configuration and application software deployment.

At AnsibleFest, Justin Nemmers, general manager for Ansible by Red Hat, will kick things off with an overview on the state of automation. Immediately after, Red Hat’s Tim Cramer, senior director of Ansible engineering, Peter Sprygada, senior principal engineer, Ansible, and Greg DeKoenigsberg, director of the Ansible community, will talk about product highlights of Red Hat’s Ansible products, including:

  • Ansible Tower, a free, downloadable open source automation platform that delivers configuration management, application deployment, and task automation.
  • Ansible Tower, a centralized API for Ansible automation and a graphical user interface for Ansible that offers a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, graphical inventory management, and real-time job status updates.

Just before the breakout sessions, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst, with colleague Robyn Bergeron, principal community architect of Ansible, will talk about key trends.

During the many breakout sessions, conference attendees will get to hear use cases from the British Army and Shippable, and technical deep dives from Capitol One and Industrial Light & Magic. Sessions on solutions, network automation and platforms will come from Arctiq, OpenTable, Snaproute, Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, Mindpoint Group, Rackspace and Ensono. A number of software engineers will take the stage throughout the day in “Ask the Expert” sessions.

We hope to see you at AnsibleFest. And to learn more about the technology and Red Hat’s solutions, download our free Ansible white paper.

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