Sneak Peek: Home healthcare company finds reliability, security and agility in open source

When it came time to upgrade a server system that had already been triaged, Hennepin Home Health Care chose an open source, Linux platform. Why? It needed an IT solution that was reliable, secure and agile to handle the company’s growth and ongoing adoption of electronic billing and medical records systems, and to be ready for government mandates and the constantly changing healthcare industry. Hear Hennepin Home Health Care’s story in this video.

Hennepin Home Healthcare, located in the greater Minneapolis area, is a privately held agency that provides home-based services to elderly and mentally or physically ill clients. Its clinicians and caregivers service 1,500 to 2,000 clients annually, and the 40-year old, family-owned business focuses on providing compassionate care that helps clients maintain their integrity, independence, and choice.

When Greg Scott (at the time CTO of IT services company Infrasupport, a Red Hat partner) came in to help, there was an existing server system that according to Scott had become dysfunctional. He made it work for a while, but when upgrades came due, Hennepin Home Health Care wanted a redundant system and opted for open source, Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Hennepin Home Health Care bought and installed three new servers and a storage area network (SAN), along with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor, and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager. Scott structured the system so that the virtual disk images reside in the SAN and incorporated multiple uninterruptible power supplies.

As the company’s president Mark Mata said in the video, “The reliability, security and agility are three very important factors for us to succeed. We need to make sure our software, our database—for the nurses, for our billing when dealing with our HMOs and the county waiver program we deal with—are flawless.”

Since the deployment, the healthcare company was recognized in the Red Hat Innovation Awards in 2014 for its successful use of Red Hat’s expanding partner ecosystem to create innovative architectures based on Red Hat’s platform, middleware, cloud and/or storage solutions.

Hear more about Hennepin Home Health Care’s story in this video. You can also read an in-depth case study on the healthcare company’s implementation. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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