Sneak Peek: open, software-defined file storage that scales for telecommunications

SaskTel, Saskatchewan’s leading full-service communications provider, was looking for an innovative solution to store the huge volumes of data streaming in from devices across its network. They also needed a solution that was affordable and improved the customer experience while maintaining data security. Following a short two-week technical trial, SaskTel implemented a Red Hat Gluster Storage solution, giving them a secure, versatile and affordable solution for their data storage. You can learn more about SaskTel’s story in our short video.

SaskTel blog image

SaskTel, like other communications providers, must manage and store a 24×7 influx of data, while maintaining the security of both personal information and the communication services at all times. Managing all of that data is something telecom businesses are very focused on today, and for good reason. According to a July 2015 report from Mind Commerce, the big data-driven telecom analytics market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 49 percent between 2015 and 2020, accounting for $7.6 billion in annual revenue by 2020.

SaskTel says it is always on the lookout for new services and features that will improve customer experience and engagement. “Prior to Red Hat storage, we simply had no cost-effective way to store massive amounts of the data that all of our network devices provide us. By using Red Hat storage, we were able to quickly and easily solve that problem,” David Yaffe, technical analyst of network and enterprise information systems at SaskTel, notes in the video.

The SaskTel technical team braced themselves for a lengthy set-up and trial period, Yaffe says in the video, but the technical trial only took about two weeks. And the stability of the platform was impressive:  “Aside from literally pulling the power out of the back of both servers simultaneously, nothing we seemed to do could phase the platform,” Yaffe says. “If it’s that stable when you’re breaking the rules, it’s going to be much more stable when you’re into production and you’re following the rules.”

You can watch the full video about SaskTel’s implementation here. What big data challenges to you experience in your organization? Share your thoughts in the comments field below.

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