OpenStack Summit Austin: A Red Hat Week in Review

It’s always great to hear from companies that have adopted OpenStack and are already reaping rewards. Last week, at the OpenStack Summit, we got to hear terrific stories from several companies, including Verizon, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and more. Red Hat punctuated those stories with some of its own innovation, including the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and the addition of a VNF (Virtualized Network Function) certification level for our partners.

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Honoring our partners, like Nuage Networks, that bring innovation to customers.

We at Red Hat have deep and invaluable relationships with our partners. As Mark Enzweiler, Red Hat’s senior VP of global channel sales and alliances, said in a press release announcing the 2015 Red Hat North America Partner Awards, our partners help us deliver the innovative solutions our customers need. This year there are 18 honorees, all of them deserving of recognition and praise. The Red Hat telco/ICT team is thrilled that Nuage Networks was chosen as Industry Solution Partner of the Year.

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Best practices for deploying NFV

Analyst predictions for big growth in the network functions virtualization (NFV) market abound, yet deploying large-scale NFV infrastructure is still a new experience for many organizations. At this week’s OpenStack Summit, I’m joining Kyle Forster of Big Switch and Chris Emmons of Dell to discuss an OpenStack pod design for NFV that our companies collaboratively developed.

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How to achieve five 9s in an OpenStack cloud and NFV

Network functions virtualization (NFV) offers a wealth of benefits such as cost savings, increased efficiency and elasticity. However, NFV must also deliver on five-nine availability* or higher to achieve a true telco-grade service offering. While virtualization and clouds bring agility and cost savings to the mix, carrier grade resiliency challenges still exist.

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The 3 most important features for NFV in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8

This week, we released Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, based on OpenStack Liberty. From a network functions virtualization (NFV) perspective, we are introducing three new features as a Technology Preview that will allow service providers and network equipment providers to test 5G, open source fast data path and enhanced virtual networking. We have contributed all these features upstream first so that we are delivering an open source based solution to the market. These features are DPDK accelerated Open vSwitch, Real Time KVM integration, and for the first time, OpenDaylight integration.

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Take a cue from the cloud to automate Telco.



“So, how automated is the telco industry today?” I asked Ian Hood, Global Chief Architect for our service provider partners, with whom I had engaged recently in a stimulating exchange of ideas on open source concepts being applied to this industry.

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Tune In: How to build an open-source cloud for telcos

ICT and telco companies are increasingly evaluating open source technology as they consider recasting their infrastructures to cloud, software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). For some, the transformation has begun, but others are just getting started. We shared some of the basics of building a telco cloud using open source software in one of our Red Hat webinars. Want to know what they are? Read on.

ICT telco cloud

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Inside the Open Networking Summit 2016

OpenNetworkingSummit Post_Red Hat demo area_cropped 2

Just yesterday, at the Open Networking Summit 2016 hosted by the Linux Foundation, Red Hat was in the exhibit hall with a demonstration of a highly available OpenDaylight (ODL) platform running on OpenStack. ODL, by the way, is an open source, modular software-defined networking (SDN) platform for networks of any size and scale and is a collaborative project of the Linux Foundation. Lucky me—I got to see first-hand the demo as well as the conference—and wanted to share with you all some of the highlights from the Summit.

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