Telco demos at Red Hat Summit 2017 showcase modern IT infrastructure solutions.

There will be so much to do at this year’s Red Hat Summit in Boston. So, we wanted to draw your attention to three telco demonstrations—all of which showcase solutions designed to give communications service providers the automation, management and performance they need as they transform their IT infrastructures with software-defined, open-source data centers and networks.

The demonstrations will be held in booth #208 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be showing:

  • Red Hat and Kaloom joint demo: Single OS Data Center

We’ll showcase fully-integrated and certified solution that delivers software-based programmable datacenter fabric capable of supporting a layer 2 to layer 7 function at scale. The solution runs on commodity, open networking hardware leveraging merchant silicon. It includes Kaloom Flow Fabric, which is designed to let virtual network functions (VNFs) match and exceed the performance of purpose-built hardware appliances and allow multiple VNFs to be efficiently connected via complex service function chaining. The solution also includes Ansible by Red Hat, Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat Ceph Storage, all running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform.

  • A Cloud Native Approach for vCPE

This demo will highlight how easy it is to prototype a complete scenario for virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) solutions by automating the deployment and configuration of VNFs in an NFV infrastructure using Red Hat’s Ansible and Cloudforms. A video will be shown depicting the deployment and configuration of a virtualized residential service chain in a Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

We hope you can join us for these demonstrations during the 2017 Red Hat Summit in Boston May 2-4. See you there!

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