Trusted cloud solutions, with open source at the core, at Verizon and other companies.

Stories of trusted cloud solutions are many. Chris Wright, VP and chief technologist for the Office of Technology at Red Hat, spoke on the topic at the recent OpenStack Summit. His presentation centered around success stories, including insight on Verizon’s recent rollout of OpenStack cloud solutions. Verizon’s Chris Emmons, director of network infrastructure planning, joined him on stage to share details on the rollout successes and challenges.

To kick off his talk about trusted cloud solutions, Wright noted 2x growth in OpenStack deployments moving into production over the span of two years, according to OpenStack Foundation user surveys. He then shared some deployment successes he’s seen in recent months. FICO, a business analytics company, transitioned to delivering their product as a service through a cloud infrastructure, reducing time to market by 50 percent and delivering a cost savings of 30 percent.

Wright also discussed betfair’s success with an OpenStack cloud solution, and Verizon’s recent rollout of OpenStack cloud solutions. Emmons dug into the details of Verizon’s rollout, telling attendees at the OpenStack Summit that his team is “laying the foundation for the next generation of Verizon’s network, based on open source software and commodity hardware,” with automation and virtualization built in throughout. Foundationally, Verizon has looked to open source to drive innovation and competition. “OpenStack has the maturity to satisfy our infrastructure needs today,” said Emmons.

Wright went on to discuss how solutions move from upstream concept to downstream implementation and the importance of diversity, which for open source means diversity at all levels: diversity in terms of the code, functionality and use cases; and diversity of people within the community, which is important to the health and longevity of the OpenStack community.

You can watch Wright’s full OpenStack Summit keynote online.

By the way, at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco in late June, Wright and David Ward, senior VP and CTO of engineering and chief architect at Cisco, were interviewed. It’s a great discussion on the changing landscape of open source, the rise of “no-stack developers” and why Red Hat is so focused on application development. We recommend it.

Speaking of the Red Hat Summit, you can now listen in to a number of the keynotes and presentations. Red Hat is making available lots of recap materials on Red Hat Summit 2016 website, so check it out. You can also register to watch 60 sessions across five tracks from Red Hat Summit. And let us know your thoughts, whether you went to the summit in person or are now accessing it online.

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