Tune In: Drilling for insights in the oil and gas industry in upcoming SAP and Red Hat webinar

The oil and gas industry knows a thing or two about a fluctuating business environment. Right now, it’s weathering a downturn. The price of a barrel of oil is down significantly since a year ago, and as a result oil and gas companies are having to scale back operations and investments. But these tough choices shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. Companies need a clear view of their business data, and in an upcoming webinar, Red Hat and SAP will share ways to get that view. Join in on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

The price for a barrel of oil has been cut roughly in half since June 2014, and the downturn is forcing oil and gas companies to make big changes on their operations, investments in exploration and production and in staffing (read more in this recent New York Times article). The fall in oil prices and subsequent operation difficulties requires oil and gas companies to be more diligent about the day-to-day business decisions they make.

In this video, Peter Parry, global practice leader of Bain’s oil & gas practice, says planning has gotten complicated for oil companies. To simplify things, companies need actionable views on oil prices, realistic views on costs, operational predictability, insight on how projects are working, and a better understanding of their staffing and operational capabilities.

These views and insights require data and analytics tools. In our upcoming webinar, Red Hat’s Thomas Cameron, managing solutions architect, central region, and SAP’s Venkata Giduthuri, senior director, SAP platform solutions, discuss ways to use data to drive process improvements and identify new opportunities with the SAP HANA platform running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The webinar will also show how your choice of infrastructure impacts the performance of core business applications and your ability to achieve data-driven insights quickly and reliably.

Join us Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 3 p.m. Eastern (12 p.m. Pacific) for the “Driving Growth and Efficiency with Deep Insights into Operational Data” webinar.

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