Tune In: How open source enables telco companies to innovate while managing security and cost

To stay competitive, today’s telecommunications companies need a flexible and agile IT environment—one that provides the interoperability, security and scalability needed to deliver seamless customer services. TelecomTV’s Martyn Warwick recently interviewed Darrell Jordan-Smith, vice president of global ICT sales at Red Hat, and Ian Hood, Red Hat’s chief architect for global service providers, at the 2017 Mobile World Congress to learn more about how open source can fulfill those needs and the benefits open source offers to communication service providers (CSPs).

According to Jordan-Smith, interest in open source continues to grow as providers in the telecommunications market are getting more informed and comfortable with open source. Implementations continue to increase and operators see that with open source they can move faster and innovate quicker, key differentiators for today’s CSPs. In fact, 100 percent of telecommunications companies in the Fortune 500 rely on Red Hat technology for their business.

Another thing open source gives CSPs is “the choice to build a platform for their services and build that across a multi-vendor environment, which they operate in,” says Hood. “That’s a real key thing for them to be able to do, which drives their costs, improves their services and drives revenue quicker.”

The TelecomTV interview covers a lot of territory, from the benefits of open source implementations, determining when open source makes sense for CSPs, and how to integrate open source while keeping legacy assets in place. The pair also touch on other hot topics in today’s telecommunication market such as OpenStack, cloud, network functions virtualization (NFV), automation, and management and orchestration tools.

Jordan-Smith also recently spoke with Telecoms.com about ICT convergence as it relates to Red Hat’s Q4 earnings statement where CEO Jim Whitehurst reported telecom was the top vertical in the fourth quarter. In the article, Jordan-Smith discusses why CSPs are looking to Red Hat for support to address things like networking complexity, cost reduction and innovation.

Watch the full TelecomTV interview and check out the Telecoms.com article to learn more. You can also visit Red Hat’s telecommunications industry page to find out how we can support your business.


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