Tune in: Light Reading and Red Hat talk open source and NFV in upcoming webinar

Telcos are looking to network functions virtualization (NFV) to help them migrate to cloud-based networks. NFV borrows a page from the virtualization playbook by decoupling network services from the physical hardware and substituting network appliances with software running on commercial servers. Open source has a role here, and you can learn more in this webinar July 22, hosted by Light Reading and sponsored by Red Hat.

In this webinar, which is scheduled for Wednesday, July 22, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. ET, we’ll delve into open source’s critical role in helping to make NFV a success. We’ll talk about the open source initiatives supporting NFV, and how Red Hat is helping service providers and network equipment providers leverage open source for NFV. Open source solutions and their development models are key ingredients to the service agility and cost efficiency of cloud; properties that service providers also hope to achieve with NFV.

The webinar features Roz Roseboro, Senior Analyst – Telco Data Center, Heavy Reading, and Frank Zdarsky, NFV/SDN Technology & Standards Strategy, Red Hat.

You can learn even more about NFV and open source in this “Follow the Open Source Road” article by Roseboro. We highly recommend it.

And don’t forget to join the webinar July 22. Sign up for “Why Open Source Solutions are Critical to the Success of NFV” here.

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