Tune In: Red Hat, Intel talk electronic medical records, open source and partnership in a joint webcast

What’s the best way to support EMR initiatives? For starters, listen to our on-demand webcast, featuring Red Hat and Intel executives sharing insight, best practices and more.


More healthcare organizations are implementing electronic medical records (EMRs), which can help them securely manage patient information, deliver improved patient service, and reduce costs. In fact, more than half—53 percent—of respondents to a recent HIMSS Media survey identified EMR applications as their organization’s largest technology budget item. But it’s not just a checklist item. EMRs are now required by law.

There are a number of EMR software suites organizations can use to fulfill regulatory requirements, such as EpicCare EMR from Epic. A recent InformationWeek study of healthcare technology professionals showed that 83 percent are implementing or planning to implement EMR systems to meet regulatory requirements in the next 24 months, and 37 percent of the respondents are using or plan to use Epic’s EMR software.

In addition to an EMR software suite, organizations also need a cost-effective, efficient, reliable and highly-scalable foundation for that software to run on. Traditionally, healthcare organizations have used RISC-based servers, but those proprietary servers can be expensive and limit choice and interoperability. We recommend healthcare organizations consider a scalable and flexible open source foundation on which to run their EMR. Red Hat and Intel have collaborated to deliver a solution that combines Red Hat’s secure, stable software stack with Intel’s reliable, high-performance hardware into an integrated foundation for environments using EpicCare EMR. The solution improves flexibility and scalability, automates and streamlines operations, helping to reduce TCO and simplify the Epic environment, improving efficient operations for healthcare organizations.

If you’re planning to implement or migrate an EMR system in your organization, tune into our on-demand webcast covering the Red Hat and Intel solution. The webcast features Red Hat’s Craig Klein, managing director, healthcare solutions, Red Hat and Michael Heldebrant, solutions architect, as well as Intel’s Mathew Taylor, senior solutions strategist and architect, healthcare IT, discussing how Red Hat and Intel can help you get the most out of your EpicCare EMR suite.

What are your EMR plans for 2016? Let us know in the comments section below.

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