Tune In: Want to be a data-driven organization? Find out how in upcoming Red Hat webinar

Healthcare and financial services organizations rely heavily on data for day-to-day business needs, and many are embarking on big data initiatives to help them improve operations, gain competitive advantage, boost customer service and drive innovation. Other industries are also closely examining how big data can help them, including the telecommunications and oil and gas industries.

But what’s the optimal route to becoming a data-driven company? Find out in our November 17 webinar.

The webinar—hosted by Red Hat’s Syed Rasheed, senior product marketing manager, and Andrew C. Oliver, president and founder of Mammoth Data—will cover implementation strategies, including:

  • What a data driven company is and the challenges of becoming one
  • The stages of data-driven transformation
  • Data consolidation and analytics
  • Computer-aided decision making
  • Real-time decision making:
    • The semantic web, natural language, and “everything-as-a-service”
    • Modern data architecture and solutions

Presenters will also walk through a real-world case study scenario to demonstrate how converting to a data-driven organization can be successfully achieved. The webinar will be held at 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST on Tuesday, November 17. Register today!

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