Tune In: What lessons can telcos learn from DevOps and IT?

For telcos, there’s always been demand for services that are highly available, reliable and easily managed. There’s also demand for services that meet or exceed performance expectations and are highly secure. But today’s market pressures of exponential data growth, stagnating revenues and high investments, as well as the requisite shift to 5G, have upped the ante. That’s why today’s carriers have to be more agile, flexible and competitive. In our upcoming webinar Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. EST, we’ll discuss these challenges and ways that telcos can apply DevOps to meet them head on.


In the webinar, E.G. Nadhan, chief technology strategist, Ian Hood, global chief architect for telco, and S.M. Shaaf, principal solution architect EMEA, will engage in an interesting dialogue on how telcos can conceptually apply valuable IT concepts like DevOps to position themselves to be more agile, flexible and competitive in the near future.

Can the business of Telco learn from its own IT? This is exactly what will be discussed in this webinar. Please join us!


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