Welcome to the Red Hat Vertical Industries Blog!

In this new blog from Red Hat, we will be covering relevant topics, news, industry events, webinars and articles of interest spanning three of our most important commercial segment verticals: financial services, telecommunications and healthcare. We’ll report on the pressing challenges these industries face and provide insights on how they can mitigate those challenges. Our cast of Red Hat executives and bloggers will post regularly, informing you about Red Hat’s participation in upcoming events, posting related documents, and referencing research including videos, customer stories and articles of interest.

The financial services blog will focus on key areas of interest to our customers in this segment, such as risk management, fraud management, a trading platform architecture, modern data center architectures and our financial services practice’s consulting services, with a focus throughout on security and reliability. We’ll explore how open source technologies such as OpenStack, Hadoop and Docker containers are providing financial services institutions with new opportunities to innovate.

The telecommunications blog will focus on such topics as transformation within the industry, mobile services, network functions virtualization (NFV), OpenStack and upcoming events of interest, while sharing Red Hat’s expertise to help your company achieve the agility, interoperability and cost-effectiveness you need to respond to rapidly changing industry demands.

The healthcare and life sciences blog will focus on key areas of interest, such as health information exchange through integration and automation, protecting sensitive data using advanced security features and high availability solutions, scale-out storage that supports structured and unstructured data, software-defined data centers, as well as helping your institution bridge private and public clouds.

We hope that you find this blog and the vertical industry content informative and useful. Most importantly, we don’t want this to be a one-sided conversation. We invite you—the readers—to comment, make observations, ask questions and share your stories.

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