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JBoss Certified Developer in Seam

The JBoss Certified Developer in Seam credential demonstrates an individual's readiness for the real-world tasks associated with using Seam to develop components and rapidly bring them together into effective, efficient web applications.. Candidates will be tested on the core Seam concepts for application development, including component based development, bijection, context management, internationalization, and security.

Course Description

A JBoss Certified Developer in Seam is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Use Conversations to manage user tasks and workspaces
  • Create Seam components to support business logic
  • Apply Seam technologies, such as bijection, to persistence, security, navigation, and validation
  • Leverage AJAX to build a better UI using RichFaces
  • Integrate web application development with JBoss Developer Studio (Eclipse)

Program Requirements

Certification program requirements include:

  • The JBCD - Seam exam consists of one section lasting up to four hours.
  • The certification exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks.
  • The hands-on nature of this exam makes real-world experience a critical facet of preparation.
  • All JBCD certifications are considered current for three calendar years after they are earned. See re-certification policies for more information.

Read more about the JBCD-Seam Certification Exam (EX311)


The JBCD-Seam certification is designed for:

  • Enterprise systems architects
  • Experienced enterprise Java developers
  • Technical managers

Recommended Training

In preparation to earn an JBCD-Seam certification, Red Hat recommends:

Training courses:

Exam self-study:

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