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EX311 JBCD-Seam Exam

The JBCD-Seam exam tests an individual's readiness for the real-world tasks associated with using Seam efficiently to intelligently tie components together and manage increasingly complex IT systems.

Corresponding Certification

JBoss Certified Developer in Seam (JBCD - Seam)

A JBoss® Certified Developer in Seam has demonstrates that the knowledge, skills and abilities to create web applications using the JBoss Seam framework.

Exam Description

  • This certification exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks.
  • The hands-on nature of this exam makes real-world experience a critical facet of preparation.
  • Exam results are emailed within five business days following the exam.
  • All JBCD certifications have a 'current' window of 3 calendar years. This 'current' window can be extended by earning additional Red Hat credentials. See re-certification policies for more information.
  • Read the JBCD-Seam Exam objectives for more information on skills requirements.


The JBCD-Seam certification is designed for:

  • Enterprise systems architects
  • Experienced enterprise Java developers
  • Technical managers


Recommended Training

In preparation to take the JBCD-Seam Exam (EX311), Red Hat recommends:

Training courses:

Exam self-study:


4 hours

2 training units


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