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Database Availability

A highly available database is a business necessity. Continuous application availability. All day, every day. But with current technology, it's difficult to do. You need time. And a lot of money.

Some businesses look at the complexity and extra cost of setting up a highly available clustered database and decide not to do it, leaving their business at risk.


With Red Hat Database Availability, you get the tools and help needed to turn your database into an always on, always available database. No more worries.

The solution is universal. It operates with any database. Oracle. Sybase. DB2, MySQL, EnterpriseDB. Ingres. And others.


Eliminate the planned outages for hardware/software upgrades and maintenance. Reduce your unplanned downtime to a few seconds a year--short enough to avoid business disruption, end user complaints, lost revenue or opportunity.

And this is all possible without expensive and complex clustered database software. A more reliable infrastructure improves service levels and frees up budget and time to devote to other pressing projects.


It starts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, a secure, high-performance operating system. Included is a scalable file system that delivers high data availability. Plus, it comes wrapped with the training and services needed to give your technical staff the benefit of our 14 years of industry-leading experience in extracting real value from open source technologies.


Red Hat Database Availability allows you to take advantage of any of the following high-availability strategies:

Single system with additional components to enhance standard systems availability
Red Hat includes capabilities for redundant hardware support.

Single system operation with cold or warm standby or recovery service
Red Hat simplifies synchronizing programs and data across two systems.

Single fault tolerant system
For customers who need the highest possible availability, Red Hat partners with hardware manufacturers who deliver fault tolerant servers. Red Hat products are fully supported on their fault-tolerant hardware.

Multiple systems coupled in clusters
The Red Hat marriage between clustering and virtualization provides the reliability of clusters with the agility of virtualization in one simple solution.

Single or multiple systems connected in Disaster Tolerant/Recovery configuration
Red Hat enables this by teaming with storage partners to provide data synchronization in real time.


Red Hat Database Availability can save you up to $210,000 on the cost of deploying a proprietary clustered database.

How? By using our best practices for combining a single instance database with the virtualization and high-availability capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server. This eliminates the need for special add-on proprietary clustering products and saves you $210,000 on a typical two-server database configuration.

The same capability. The same protection. The same service level. But a different economic model. Red Hat solutions, changing the economics of IT.

Red Hat Database Availability

This turnkey solution includes:

Platform (operating system):

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server


  • Red Hat Global File System
  • Red Hat Volume Manager

High availability:

  • Red Hat Cluster Suite
  • Conga


  • 24x7 Premium support from Red Hat Certified Engineers

Knowledge Transfer:

  • Targeted implementation engagements by Red Hat Global Professional Services

Skill Building:

  • Training up to Red Hat Certified Engineer status concentrating on building the skills necessary for deploying and maintaining this solution