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Red Hat Enterprise Linux renewal guide

Renew your subscription

A Red Hat® subscription is more than just software. Your subscription provides ongoing updates and services to help you deploy the open source technology that ensures your systems remain secure and reliable. To continue receiving these benefits each year, be sure to renew your subscription.

Ways to renew your subscription

If you purchased directly from Red Hat

Visit the Red Hat Customer Portal to manage your active subscriptions and renewals.

Note:Only users with organization administrator rights can renew subscriptions. Check your administration rights.

Or submit renewal questions or requests to Red Hat by completing our renewal request form. If you'd rather speak with a representative in North America call 1-888-REDHAT1 ext. 45321.

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If you purchased from a Red Hat partner

Directly contact the Red Hat reseller from whom you originally purchased your Red Hat subscription to purchase a new subscription:

Or select the name of the Red Hat partner from whom you originally purchased your Red Hat subscription below to complete a renewal request form. Red Hat will forward your inquiry to the appropriate Red Hat partner, who can assist you with your renewal:

Subscription benefits

  • Deploy solutions with the confidence that your software applications and hardware are fully certified.

  • Get access to continual enhancements from Red Hat through regular updates that provide additional features and new hardware support.

  • Get access to the latest bug fixes and security errata.

  • Enjoy the flexibility to deploy any version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including future upgrades.

  • Gain access to Red Hat Network's automated software delivery and update capability. Additional Red Hat Network modules provide enhanced systems management capabilities.

  • Get multiple support services options with unlimited incidents.

Let the open source leaders help you

Keep your subscription active so you can continue to count on Red Hat to test the latest patches, release new security updates, provide technical support, and work with ISVs to certify their applications.

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