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Red Hat’s Training and Certification team would like to offer congratulations to Rackspace for being named the 2017 Red Hat Innovation Awards winner in the Cloud Infrastructure category at Red Hat Summit in early May. Rackspace was specifically recognized for its Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Red Hat, which provides OpenStack private clouds as-a-service using the Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

A key enabler in Rackspace’s success utilizing Red Hat has been Red Hat Training and Certification.  

Since 2012, Rackspace has trained thousands of employees globally using Red Hat Training classroom and online training materials. Rackspace is also one of the leading employers of Red Hat Certified Professionals and uses Red Hat Certifications to showcase its expertise in Red Hat solutions and related technologies. To date, 239 Rackspace employees hold 331 Red Hat certifications.

The company also packages and resells both Red Hat System Administration I and II courses with the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam in Rackspace’s own Open Cloud Academy program. Open Cloud Academy is an industry inspired education center focused on developing technical talent and career opportunities with IT. Students that successfully complete Open Cloud Academy’s pre-required exams can then enroll in either the Linux Systems Administration or Network Operations Learning tracks.

The goal is to provide the community with an avenue to successfully gain skills for entry level IT roles and grow the tech ecosystem in San Antonio, Texas, where Rackspace global headquarters are located. A great example of this effort to expand the tech ecosystem was when an Open Cloud Academy student, who was an employee at a local sandwich shop, enrolled in the program. The student successfully completed the program and was hired into Rackspace as a Support Technician leveraging their RHCSA skills.

Randy Hamilton, (RHCE), (RHCVA), Technical Trainer IV at Rackspace, believes his company understands that the certifications offered by Red Hat deal with real world IT problems and help fill the need for new talent. "I have seen other exams and certification programs out there, that ask multiple choice questions, and that simply does not impress me.," said Hamilton. "If I am hiring someone to do a job, I want to see a certification that can show they demonstrated they can do that job, and Red Hat does exactly that with 100% hands-on exams."  

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