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Increasingly, as customers look to optimize their systems, design new solutions, or integrate new technologies, they seek the guidance, practical advice, and deep expertise to introduce new solutions. Day in and day out, our consultants are called on to draw from their experience in the field — across industry, vertical, business size, and region  — to provide customers with the insights, practices, models, and plans that meet their needs and challenges.


I’m excited to announce the recent release of two whitepapers that represent different field-tested and proven best practice angles to plan for and capture the elusive and increasingly relevant DevOps culture. One focuses on a design approach that marries advances in software development to traditional BPM practices, and the other talks to a proven container adoption program for successful DevOps introduction and incorporation.


More specifically:

  1. “A Structured Design Approach to Business Automation” offers an actionable design model that applies advances in software development and delivery (e.g. microservices and DevOps) to business automation, closing the gap that has historically characterized the relationship of BPM with developers.




  1. “Modernizing Application Delivery with Container Platforms” offers a field-tested and proven adoption plan to bring containers into the enterprise. Containers and container application platforms can help businesses benefit from advances in software lifecycles, but our experience has shown that IT managers must consider a wide range of activities, teams, and processes that together form the elusive DevOps culture.



I encourage you to download these whitepapers to learn more about our approaches to better capture and model business rules and integrate containers into your organization.



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