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The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat® blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.


CentOS Blog: CentOS Stream is Continuous Delivery

It may look like we haven't changed how we've built RHEL for a decade. But our RHEL development process is evolving (monumentally) with modern development practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery and more. All of this starts in one place: CentOS Stream..




IT Pro: Red Hat pushes hybrid cloud to the edge

At KubeCon NA Digital 2020, Red Hat brought to bear several edge-focused updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including building edge-centric operating system images with Image Builder. From remote device mirroring to intelligent rollback, Red Hat is building RHEL for the enterprise edge and pairing it with new Kubernetes edge architectures for Red Hat OpenShift.




VMblog: Red Hat 2021 Predictions: Looking ahead - container, microservices and serverless perspectives

What's coming down the pipe for containers, microservices and serverless in 2021? More managed services for simpler containerized application development and deployment, more muticloud environments that increase service variety and greater standardization within the cloud native space, particularly around OCI, according to Eric Schabell of Red Hat .



Dr. Clarence Ellis: The Developer Who Helped Us Collaborate

Learn to use a computer, but don't touch it. This seemingly impossible task started Dr. Clarence Ellis' career of invention, leading to an entirely new way of looking at how we work with computers as well as each other. Martez Mott, Gary Nutt, Chengzheng Sun, Paul Curzon and Delilah DeMers all contribute to this episode of Command Line Heroes emphasizing the brilliance behind how we collaborate..



Red Hat Builds a Common Kubernetes Foundation for Windows and Linux Container Workloads with Windows Containers Support for Red Hat OpenShift

Nearly 92% of respondents to the CNCF 2020 Cloud Native Survey use containers in production and with Red Hat OpenShift, it no longer matters if these are Linux containers or Windows Containers. With support for Windows Containers, Red Hat OpenShift now provides a common Kubernetes platform for containerized workloads for both of the world's leading enterprise operating systems - Linux and Windows.


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