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Leading Organizations Accelerate Innovation in the Industrial Sector with Red Hat

Digital transformation has been well underway for many organizations looking for ways to effectively modernize, drive operational efficiencies and improve production in the industrial sector. Leading organizations in the manufacturing industry are collaborating with Red Hat to extend deployment capabilities and provide greater agility for their customers.



VentureBeat - Red Hat and IBM team up to enhance AIops with an open-source project

Red Hat has plans for Ansible with its new initiative, Project Wisdom. In collaboration with IBM Research, Red Hat aims to take automation to the next level with the first community project to create an intelligent, NLP capability for Ansible and the IT automation industry. Red Hat's Tom Anderson discusses with VentureBeat.



Explore Red Hat OpenShift training tailored to your professional journey

When determining the next steps of your professional development journey, you want to make sure you are on the right path to meet your goals. Red Hat Training and Certification offers guided learning pathways for individuals of all experience levels, covering topics such as deploying containers, developing containerized applications, and more.



Powering innovation: An AppDev symposium

During this virtual event, we’ll share best practices to take your application development approach to the next level. Keynote speakers Matt Hicks and Sarwar Raza will kick off the event with a discussion on emerging trends and the pivotal role an open hybrid cloud strategy plays in the success of modern organizations.



OpenShift Multi-Cluster Management Handbook: Go from architecture to pipelines using GitOps

For IT professionals working with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the key to maximizing efficiency is understanding the powerful and resilient options to maintain the software development platform with minimal effort. OpenShift Multi-Cluster Management Handbook is a deep dive into the technology, containing knowledge essential for anyone who wants to work with OpenShift.


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