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We want to give you the opportunity to weigh-in on some exclusive new Red Hat Training content!

Today Red Hat Training is piloting an online learning prototype we are calling Thin Video Classroom,* and we want your feedback. Thin VCs are approximately one hour video-based overviews of a course. They are a unique approach for sharing key topics and learning objectives from the courses to provide extra value for learners. Note that they are not a substitute for the full training courses. To participate in this incredible opportunity, log in or create your account on the Red Hat Learning Community.

Access three Thin VC models for this pilot:

  • VC Essentials: A microlearning format based off summarized key topics from the RH124 course delivered by Ricardo da Costa.
  • VC Lab Review: A comprehensive review demonstration based off the RH124 exam objectives delivered by Ricardo da Costa.
  • VC Chapter Review: A review of key concepts from each chapter of the RH134 course delivered by Michael Phillips.

After completing the videos, you are able to give feedback, make suggestions, and provide any other details that will enhance future learners' training experiences. Register for your account today and make an impact on future open source knowledge.

Log in or sign up at learn.redhat.com.

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