Harnessing the power of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics to make smarter business decisions and improve customer experiences?

Sure, that sounds great. It will, however, require that you make some complex technology decisions that work for your unique business needs. 

That’s where global systems integrators (GSIs) often come in and do what their names suggest. They solve complex business challenges with customized solution integrations that bring together platforms, applications and hardware.  

With open source comes greater choice, control and freedom to do what you want. There can be so much opportunity, in fact, that working with a knowledgeable GSI can help you determine the best path forward. Enterprises can accomplish some innovative things through this collaboration. Some that were even, until recently, in the realm of science fiction. 

Take for example an autonomous vehicle technology developed by DXC Technology, a Red Hat GSI partner, that uses a highly scalable and flexible container-based platform based on Red Hat OpenShift for data analytics and simulation. The DXC Managed Container Platform as a Service (PaaS) powered by Red Hat OpenShift helps DXC’s clients embrace OpenShift to power next-generation IT strategies while relying on the expertise of DXC to keep operations online and moving. OpenShift lets IT organizations build, deploy, and manage containers at scale and use them to run legacy or cloud-native enterprise applications. This fully managed service for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform features built-in operational management capabilities that automate application building, testing, deployment, and scaling. Enterprises can automatically scale out this service to support changing business using self-service portals. Pretty cool, right? 

But beyond self-driving cars, deploying Red Hat technology with a competent GSI can help you:

  • Speed time to market: Design your IT infrastructure, applications and processes using innovative technologies, including open source software, cloud, containers and microservices

  • Identify the best strategy: Access expertise in automation, artificial intelligence and cloud optimization across industries like automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services

  • Execute globally: Deliver digital transformation at scale and be supported along the way

Red Hat GSI partners have access to the training, sales and technical support to understand Red Hat’s portfolio and how it can meet your requirements. 

They’re here to help simplify what may seem like an overwhelming amount of choices into an integrated solution that works best for you. 

Learn more about the Red Hat GSI partner program or find a partner.  


About the author

Joe Sparks joined Red Hat in 2015 and is currently the Senior Director of GSI Ecosystems and Alliances.

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