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The first ManageIQ Design Summit was held October 7-8 in Mahwah, New Jersey. Seventy-four attendees, representing 17 companies, 7 countries, and 3 continents, met for two days of training and camaraderie around the new ManageIQ Community. Booz Allen co-sponsored the event, and a cadre of their developers and program managers attended and led sessions.

If you missed the first ManagIQ Design Summit, or you couldn't catch every session, check out the ManageIQ YouTube channel for archives from the event.

  • Community and Ecosystem - John Mark Walker gives an overview of community acitivities for ManageIQ, its members, and partners. From documentation and the web site, to the upcoming ManageIQ Depot, this presentation goes over previous milestones and what's coming up on the roadmap:
  • Intro and Vision - Oleg Barenboim and Jason Frey provide an introduction to what the developer team hopes to accomplish with the upcoming Botvinnik release:
  • NFV BoF - Dave Neary and Nic Lemieux present NFV, "network function virtualization" that is a hot topic in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. They discuss what NFV is and how the ManageIQ community could potentially integrate with various NFV implementations:
  • User stories from the field - Chris Jung presents various implementations of ManageIQ by actual customers and end users in real world environments:
  • Extending ManageIQ with Jellyfish - Nirmal Mehta discusses Jellyfish, a cloud service broker built on top of ManageIQ:
  • ManageIQ RESTful API - John Hardy provides an overview of the new RESTful API in the ManageIQ Anand release:
  • Cox Automotive IPAM Implementation - JD Calder and Jason Cornell talk about how Cox Automotive implemented an IPAM system on top of ManageIQ:
  • Advanced Policy Management - Brad Ascar talks about how to use ManageIQ as an advanced policy engine for cloud and virtualization:
  • My First Fisher Price State Machine - John Hardy teaches how to utilize ManageIQ's state machine capability to create reusable components for cross-cloud automation and orchestration:
  • Navigating the ManageIQ Object Model - Brad Ascar explains how the ManageIQ data and object models stack up. If you're trying to extend ManageIQ with customized applications, check out this talk:
  • Cloud Management Panel - Jarid Cottrell, from Booz Allen Hamilton and Xavier Lecauchois, from Red Hat, kicked off the ManageIQ Design Summit with a discussion on the art of cloud management, moderated by John Mark Walker, also of Red Hat:
  • Security Roadmap - Keenan Brock and Alberto Bellotti look at security, identity, RBAC, privilege (de)escalation, and other security-related things on the ManageIQ roadmap:
  • Automate roadmap - Madhu Kanoor discusses the roadmap for the automation features of ManageIQ:
  • Smart State Analysis, aka VM Fleecing - Rich Oliveri talks about how to "fleece" VMs (i.e., perform smart state analysis):
  • Rails 4 Migration - Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) discusses the challenges and roadmap of moving ManageIQ from Ruby on Rails 3 to Rails 4:
  • Migrating to Ruby 2 - Joe Rafaniello gives an overview of the challenges of moving ManageIQ from Ruby 1.9.x to 2.x, as well as a schedule of milestones and roadmap:
  • DevOps Happiness and Puppet Integration - James Shubin discusses what it would take to make ManageIQ fit within existing DevOps-y environments, using Puppet as an example:

To keep current on upcoming events, follow ManageIQ on Twitter, and join the conversation in IRC at #manageiq channel on irc.freenode.net

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