We are pleased to announce that the latest Service Pack release for MetaMatrix Enterprise Data Services Platform, v5.5 SP3, is now available for new and existing customers. 5.5 SP3 adds and extends capabilities in the areas of platform and data source support, usability and monitoring.

In addition to long-standing support for 64-bit JVMs on Linux and Unix, the MetaMatrix server is now certified to run with a 64-bit JVM on Windows 2008 Server. Several new database versions are supported for use by the MetaMatrix repository including Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2005, MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL 8.1. To view the complete list of supported platforms and repository configurations, click here


The list of supported data sources has also grown in 5.5 SP3 with the addition of:

  • Salesforce.com – A comprehensive solution for importing all or parts of the Salesforce.com data model and exposing Salesforce data through standard SQL constructs – for both reading and writing. This capability allows users to integrate data maintained in Salesforce with other data sources maintained on-premise in real-time without the need to copy or replicate Salesforce data to internal storage.
  • LDAP – Read and write access to LDAP v3-compliant directories enables data stored in LDAP to be integrated with data from other enterprise data stores.
  • Oracle 11g XA – Full read/write and XA transactional support for Oracle’s 11g RDBMS.
  • MySQL 5 XA and PostgreSQL 8.1 XA – MySQL and PostgreSQL are the two most widely deployed open source database systems, increasingly in production scenarios. In addition to existing read/write support for these databases, MetaMatrix v5.5 SP3 adds XA transaction support as well so federated write operations involving MySQL and PostgreSQL data sources can participate in XA transactions.

A variety of enhancements have been incorporated that streamline the user interface and increase user productivity. Highlights include:

  • Data and transformation preview capability– the Eclipse-based Enterprise Designer now provides the ability to more quickly and easily preview data results without the need to create and execute a virtual database. This increases developer efficiency as transformation logic can be evaluated in real-time.
  • Simplified views for managing data source connections and user-defined functions – significant changes have also been made to Enterprise Designer in the area of connector management and user-defined function (UDF) creation and management. These changes enable users to complete common tasks more quickly and intuitively.
  • Support for publish/unpublish to UDDI registries – through the MetaMatrix Console, WSDLs associated with web service models can be published more easily to and unpublished from UDDI v2-compliant registries facilitating integration with service oriented architectures.

The new release also provides an advanced technology preview showing the future direction of Data Services Platform monitoring and administration. The new solution is based on JBoss Operations Network. The tech preview provides the ability to inventory, monitor and control (e.g. Start and stop) MetaMatrix server resources and raise alerts in response to system events.

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