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We are pleased to announce that on November 7 the Red Hat Training and Certification team launched a new Red Hat Learning Subscription user experience that enhances the learner’s journey through Red Hat technologies.

With an updated, user-friendly interface, an expanded set of user features, and a larger learning catalogue that covers topics like containers, automation, microservices, and security. These updates enable learners to more effectively search for, target, and consume learning content. 

As hybrid cloud technology rapidly evolves, many IT professionals find themselves struggling to stay up-to-date. Red Hat Learning Subscription delivers the timely and prescriptive training tools that help organizations keep pace. Our short, instructional videos and just-in-time training materials help DevOps and IT staff stay up-to-date on emerging software with minimal downtime and enable them to quickly troubleshoot technical challenges. 

Brandon Hall Award


Since its launch, thousands of users have developed their skills with Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS). In 2019, the platform was recognized by Brandon Hall Group with a Gold Excellence Award for Best Customer Training Program.



A modern training model designed around modern technologies

To succeed with software initiatives, organizations are seeking a training model that lets their staff get the information they need, when they need it, to keep business projects progressing. RHLS is a modern learning platform that helps teams maintain skills and gain knowledge about emerging technologies with access to the entire portfolio of Red Hat technologies.

RHLS gives you to access video instruction, e-books, cloud-based labs, certification prep, and more—on demand and at your own pace. The subscription’s content is built and continuously updated by Red Hat experts across the globe. This gives users the latest and most prescriptive content on Red Hat technologies. Additionally, the subscription provides users with exclusive early access content. 


New and updated Red Hat Learning Subscription features

The updated learning subscription features a redesigned welcome page that simplifies the task of resuming active courses. It also displays the learning paths the user has enrolled in, for quick reference to in-flight courses. 



Expanded search and filtering capabilities give users the power to search content with more specificity and decreases downtime spent searching. Course and exam tiles give a quick introduction to the content. These features give learners the ability to target the exact content that meets their training goals.


Learning paths give learners a roadmap of courses and exams that lead to Red Hat Certification. This enables users to better visualize their certification progress. 



The new expert chat feature gives standard subscribers a direct line of communication to course experts. This provides users with on-demand access to a coach that can assist learners in solving their course completion challenges at the moment of need.


With this launch, expert seminars are now called expert extras. These on-demand videos provide supplemental content for Red Hat courses and include tips, best practices, and use cases for products featured in Red Hat courses. These 5-15 minute videos are presented by the expert field practitioners who use Red Hat technologies in real world scenarios everyday. These presentations have a broad appeal to anyone involved with IT.


We’re building an experience for you to build your skills

The Red Hat Training and Certification team will continue to add new features to RHLS that optimize your certification journey and support peer-to-peer learning. This includes integrating your learning subscription with the Red Hat Learning Community- a collaborative learning environment open to anyone with an interest in open source technologies- to enhance your learning experience with other students, users, instructors, and experts involved in Red Hat technologies and training. With continuously updated learning features built around continuously updated content, RHLS enables you to maximize your Red Hat technology investments and take your teams further, faster. 


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