Using a combination of open practices and open technology to foster community powered innovation, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs has assisted organizations in upskilling teams on both the technology and cultural changes needed to ultimately start the journey towards transformation. At Red Hat Summit we have Open Innovation Labs experts taking you inside real engagements to illustrate our proven Open Practice Library methodologies and sharing the core principles used to lead customers to successful outcomes.

Join one or all of our four sessions on the power of open during Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience. And for more information be sure to visit Information on the sessions below, including their original air times in each region can be found at

  • Using open practices and open technology to solve cloud-based challenges 
  • Using the power of open to go from idea to delivery 
  • How to use DevOps Technologies to deliver a high-performing, agile team 
  • Real life experiences using Open Practices to solve business and cultural challenges


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