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by The Red Hat Training team

We are pleased to introduce a four-day solution-oriented course designed to take enterprise Java developers, enterprise architects, and senior developers through an intensive, hands-on curriculum where they will build sophisticated front-end and back-end applications and integrate them using the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio.

Building Advanced Enterprise Applications (JB501) is unlike any course ever released by Red Hat Training in that it is the first course offered that encompasses multiple products within Red Hat's middleware portfolio, rather than focusing on individual product offerings. We see an evolving need from our customers for training that goes across multiple products to help them solve their enterprise business needs, and this course is a step toward meeting that need.

This solution-based course provides students with a partially completed application, and step-by-step, the students will work through the JB Travel case study until they have a fully functioning application that integrates with every middleware product. Students will participate in architectural discussions regarding their designs each step of the way as they all work towards a final solution and a completed application. This course bridges the gap between individual product training into training across a wide-spectrum of complex application integration.

Students are expected to have prior knowledge and basic skills in product utilization. A majority of this course is designed to take place in a lab-intensive environment, and students should expect to execute the following skills:

  • Camel routes
  • Java Management System queues
  • OSGi deployment
  • Caching
  • Data grid remote querying
  • Business Central projects
  • Business process development
  • Business rules development
  • JAX-RS and JAX-WS web services
  • Java EE 6 topics: JPA, CDI, EJB, JSF
  • Automated testing with JUnit, Arquillian, and Selenium

The course will be available in traditional classrooms, online via instructor-led virtual classroom sessions and self-paced online learning, and through private team training.

For more information about this course and availability, click here.

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