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Red Hat Satellite 6.4.3 is generally available. The main drivers for the 6.4.3 release are a Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) for capsule syncing control as well as general stability fixes.

The capsule syncing control feature enables the user to have control over when capsule syncs occur. Traditionally the capsule sync occurs automatically after a content view is updated, but some customers may want more granular control over when the synchronization occurs. Satellite 6.4.3 introduces a new setting in Administer --> Settings --> Content --> Sync Capsules after Content View promotion.

By default this setting is yes, but if you set it to no then the synchronization can instead be started manually via the UI, API, or hammer CLI.  This allows you to manually control when the synchronization occurs.

Twenty three bugs have been addressed in this release - the complete list is at the end of the post.

There is one erratum for the server, one for the tools, and one for the maintenance packages. The install ISOs are available now, but customers registered via Red Hat Subscription Manager can update via foreman-maintain today as described in the upgrade guide.

Customers who have already upgraded to Satellite 6.4 should follow the instructions in the errata. Customers who are on versions of Satellite prior to 6.4 should refer to the Upgrading and Updating Red Hat Satellite Guide. You may also want to consider using the Satellite Upgrade Helper if moving from Satellite 6.x to Satellite 6.4.

Customers who have received hotfixes should check the list of bugs fixed to confirm their hotfix is contained in the release before upgrading. Please reach out to Red Hat Support if you have applied a hotfix that doesn’t correspond to one of the bugs mentioned below to verify that you can apply the hotfix to Satellite 6.4.3.

This update fixes the following bugs:

  • BZ 1684699 - Unable to use auto-attach hitting Cannot read property "length" from undefined (rules#2926)

  • BZ 1693328 - (pulp-deadlock) pulp celery worker stuck when forking new thread and reconnecting to mongo

  • BZ 1698521 - manifest upload duplicate key value violates unique constraint

  • BZ 1695811 - Upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4.3 snap 1 failed at katello:upgrades:3.6:import_product_content

  • BZ 1632768 - foreman-maintain can't authenticate when 'hammer defaults' is pointing to organization that has no architecture assigned: upgrades and other commands fail

  • BZ 1684700 - Unable to refresh manifest or complete Expired Pools job

  • BZ 1684693 - virt-who is failing when pushing the information to the Satellite Server

  • BZ 1684691 - Manifest refresh fails with error "Failed to import archive"

  • BZ 1664127 - productid is not published in the content view if that is the only item which changed in the sync

  • BZ 1684708 - Update default RSS feed to point to new Blog location

  • BZ 1684687 - The termination procedure after memory threshold exceeded can get stuck, waiting infinitely for some events to occur

  • BZ 1684703 - Manifest upload task takes too much time

  • BZ 1684704 - Manifest can be refreshed only by the user who imported. Other user can't refresh that.

  • BZ 1684706 - Error when uploading a manifest file on the disconnected Satellite Server

  • BZ 1684707 - Regenerate applicability fails when there is a missing repo

  • BZ 1692806 - Singleton actions may not start after unclean shutdown

  • BZ 1684690 - Yum plugins are loaded multiple times after updating the host to the latest katello-agent packages

  • BZ 1684695 - [RFE] User control of Capsule sync policy and other traffic from Satellite to capsule

  • BZ 1684697 - Unable to sync 3 SLES Update repositories

  • BZ 1684698 - Capsule sync planning in foreman-tasks sometimes takes too long

  • BZ 1684701 - Capsule 05-pulp-https.conf is using old ProxyPass directive for GPG keys (i.e missing the /v2/)

  • BZ 1688317 - sporadic timeouts in opening TCP connection prevents Satellite upgrades

  • BZ 1684705 - `yum remove java-1.7.0-openjdk` pulls in katello and satellite as dependencies

About Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat Satellite is a systems management solution that is designed to make Red Hat infrastructure easier to deploy, scale, and manage across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Satellite enables users to control the  lifecycle of Red Hat systems and is designed to keep Red Hat systems running efficiently, with security, and compliant with various standards.

By automating most tasks related to maintaining systems, Satellite can help organizations increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and help IT to better respond to strategic business needs.

Über den Autor

John Spinks is a Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager for Red Hat. He acts as a subject matter expert for Red Hat Management products including Satellite and Insights. Previous experience includes almost 10 years as a Technical Marketing Engineer for NetApp in RTP, NC.

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