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We are pleased to announce the Beta 2 release of Red Hat Virtualization 4.2, the latest version of our Red Hat Virtualization platform. This follows the release of the Beta 1 on January 4 of this year, as we push closer to the public release of Red Hat Virtualization 4.2 in a few months.

While we covered many of the new features in the previous announcement, we would like to call attention to one of them as well as highlight another, specifically to involve the community in the feature testing:

Disaster Recovery (DR) - This is a native site-to-site fail-over solution. Instead of an integration with a specific storage vendor, it depends on storage at both sites that can be replicated reliably and consistently. Under the covers, Ansible is used extensively to automate the fail-over and fail-back process. Additional documentation is available here and a preview of the solution is available here.

OVA Import/Export - Virtual machines can be exported as Virtual Appliance (OVA) files from both the webadmin UI and REST-API and then re-imported as virtual machines. This functionality enables the ability to migrate virtual machines between different RHV deployments without export domains. Instead, shared storage can be mounted to various hosts that reside in different deployments. Then, virtual machines in one deployment can be exported to this shared storage and later be imported into another deployment.

Many thanks to the engineers, product managers, project managers, writers, and everyone else that contributed to the delivery of this release! For additional information on the Red Hat Virtualization 4.2 beta 2 release, see the following links: (links)

RHV 4.2 Beta documentation can be found:

To download the Red Hat Virtualization 4.2 beta, see the following link:

Thank you,

Jon Benedict | Captain KVM

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