This is my first posting to the Red Hat blogs. I’ve been with Red Hat for a few months as the Vice President of Information Technology and want to share a CIO’s perspective on Red Hat, open source, the software industry and technology in general.

By way of background, I joined Red Hat from Capital One Financial (COF), where I was a divisional CIO. Prior to that, I worked for the Nasdaq Stock Market (NDAQ) on strategic technology initiatives, including a number of ventures outside the United States. I worked for Citicorp (C) as a global technology leader and technical architect. I began my career with IBM (IBM) as an operating system developer and worked for them in a variety of technology and management roles. You can see my profile on Red Hat’s management pages.

I’ll start this series with a review of some events and trends from 2007 and how they impact technology and business professionals. I’ll also identify some of the themes I see emerging in 2008 and how they will affect us both short term and long term.

This blog is open for responses from you, the readers, and I encourage you to challenge my comments, share your points of view, provide additional issues for discussion, or pose new questions.

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