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Linux Conference Australia ( is the Southern Hemisphere’s premier open source conference. For one week a year, open source professionals and enthusiasts gather Down Under at this well-respected technical conference to talk about everything from low-level kernel specifics to high-level project governance principles. Here are 14 talks given by Red Hatters at this year’s LCA:

Cloud and Containers

  • Cloud Herding: Delivering Services Across Multiple Environments - by John Mark Walker
  • Containers and PCP (Performance Co-Pilot) - by Nathan Scott
  • Building a PaaS with Docker, Kubernetes, and Hard Work - by Steven Citron-Pousty
  • Cloud, Containers, and Orchestration Panel - moderated by Katie Miller
  • OpenStack and Shenanigans: A Case Study in Open Source Governance - by Mark McLoughlin
  • Deploying to the Cloud with Golden Images, Heat, and Docker - by Steve Baker
  • Connecting Containers: Building a PaaS with Docker and Kubernetes - by Katie Miller and Steven Citron-Pousty

Development and Testing

  • Beaker's Hardware Inventory System - by Nick Coghlan
  • The Best Test Data is Random Test Data - by Fraser Tweedale
  • Programming Considered Harmful - by Dave Chinner
  • Tools for the Documentation Life Cycle - by Divya Muntimadugu

Project-specific Talks

  • Kernel Network Stack Challenges at Increasing Speeds - by Jesper Brouer
  • Displayport MST: Why Do My Laptop Dockoutputs Not Work? - by David Airlie
  • FreeIPA: Open Source Identity Management - by Fraser Tweedale

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