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My open source learning journey started as a requirement for my initiation into a migration project. The institute where I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree proposed a project to replace proprietary applications with open source products. Upon successful completion of the project, I got to interact with a Red Hatter who convinced me to take my open source learning further by showcasing the benefits of open source and introducing me Red Hat Academy.

The Red Hat Academy program helped me gain certifications at the same time that I was pursuing my Bachelor's degree. 


I became Red Hat Certified Architect Level II by the time I finished my Bachelor’s degree. I obtained this title by certifying as:

  • Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in High Availability Clustering, 
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack, 
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Server Security and Hardening, 
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Gluster Storage Administration, 
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization, 
  • Red Hat Certified JBoss Administrator.


The benefits of becoming a RHCA were proven once I started receiving job offers while I attended my degree program.  


The hunger to learn more guided me to pursue a Master’s degree. In doing so, I had the opportunity to explore and use more of what I learned during my time in the Red Hat Academy program. My thesis for the Master’s degree was written on Red Hat OpenStack Platform. The OpenStack tools I learned enabled me to successfully publish four research articles:  


I now feel privileged to work at Red Hat on the Global Learning Services team and intend to continue expanding on my open source knowledge.


Ashish Lingayat

Learning and Development Instructor

Global Learning Services

Red Hat

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About the author

Tariq Fazal has more than 18 years of experience in the IT industry deploying, delivering and managing enterprise training solutions for global enterprises. As the Global Program Manager for the Red Hat Academy, he works with senior leaders within academic institutions to create centers for enterprise-ready talent by outfitting them with Red Hat Training which includes hands-on instruction, curriculum, labs, performance-based testing, and instructor support.

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