When I think about open source software, Red Hat is first name that comes to mind. At Tesora, we’ve been working to make our Database as a Service Platform available to Red Hat OpenStack Platform users, and now it is a Red Hat certified solution. Officially collaborating with Red Hat in the context of OpenStack, one of the fastest growing open source projects ever, is a tremendous opportunity.

This week, we announced that Red Hat has certified the Tesora Database as a Service (DBaaS) Platform on Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Mutual customers can operate database as a service with 15 different database types knowing that they have been extensively tested in the Red Hat environment. They also have the confidence of knowing that their database software is running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) in an environment that is supported by Red Hat.

This announcement is a great milestone in our relationship with Red Hat. Tesora has been collaborating with Red Hat folks in the OpenStack community since we launched Tesora in early 2014. Last year, we were excited to have Red Hat come on board as an investor in our company. We feel that this announcement is great news for our joint customers since it enhances the combined solution.

We also share a common philosophy with Red Hat in that the work we do on OpenStack Trove is done “upstream first”. This is evidenced by the fact that even as a relatively small startup, Tesora has become not just the number 1 contributor to the Trove project, but also one of the top 25 contributors in all of OpenStack, as measured by Stackalytics.

At the same time, Tesora is focused on providing the best DBaaS software in the industry while working with Red Hat and others for the underlying infrastructure and various database vendors, such as Oracle, IBM, MongoDB, and DataStax for the core database technology.

To make this possible, we run a robust set of integration testing across all of these database technologies in both single instance and clustered configurations. This enables them to be easily deployed in a Red Hat OpenStack cloud without requiring extensive, database-specific knowledge.

Of course all of this great collaboration and technical innovation would be useless without a drive towards customer success. While we already have some users operating the Tesora platform to deliver DBaaS in Red Hat-based environments, we expect even greater interest now that we are a Red Hat certified solution. We certainly hope that Red Hat OpenStack Platform users looking for a simple way to offer databases on-demand to your users and will consider giving the solution, certified for Red Hat OpenStack Platform, a try.