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Join us on October 29th, 2015 for our latest webinar: "Next generation architectures and Red Hat certification."

IT Organizations today seek to arrive at a common end: a smooth, reliable and highly-automated delivery pipe line from development through test to production. Some organizations wish to move to a more DevOps model of IT services and application development—continually moving new features, applications, and services to customers rapidly. For other organizations, "fast and furious" is not the goal. Reliable deployment, with no surprises along the way, is the goal. Whichever model an organization is following, consistency, reliability, and automation will all be bywords.

Red Hat provides technologies to support the robust delivery pipeline sought by all IT organizations. Customers are eager to adopt new technologies but finding qualified technical talent is a challenge.

Join this webinar to learn how Red Hat® certifications can help customers that are implementing next-generation architectures using emerging technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage, OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat, and Linux containers.

During this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Key emerging technologies that are helping customers create a better pipeline.
  • How Red Hat certification can help you recruit capable technical talent.
  • How Red Hat training and certification can help you develop the technical talent you already have in-house.

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